Technical Audit and Business Analysis

‘Coubari has provided our practice with an excellent Cloud based platform enabling us to work remotely and securely. From the start Coubari ensured a smooth transition of our data to the Cloud and has provided assistance and support whenever needed and without delay.’
Chartered Accountants

Is your system fit for purpose?  It might seem like it is, but what are its points of vulnerability?  Are you spending too much on an under-performing network?  Can your system respond quickly to change?

These are only just some of the questions we would want to ask, and our technical audits provide the answers.  Our technical audits involve a thorough hands-on analysis of your current system; we talk to key stakeholders within your organisation about your business – where you are, and where you want to be; and we provide a set of recommendations in the form of a technical route map.  As far as we can, we give you as many options as possible so you can choose how your IT support helps realise your business goals.