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Coubari Cloud

Everyone is talking about the Cloud (or ‘hosted solutions’), and rightly so. Its ability to save businesses time and money and improve service levels without compromising security far surpasses that of a complete on-premises solution.

The Coubari cloud service offers Infrastructure and Software as services (Iaas & SaaS) to clients which simply means you pay a predictable subscription fee rather than the high upfront costs of on-premises IT solutions. In addition to this financial Opex model, our clients benefit from a 99.9% SLA uptime of the network, 100 Mbps internet connection, virtually no hardware maintenance costs, 24×7 server monitoring, high security (physical and virtual) and state-of-the-art power and generator backup facilities.

Coubari’s hosted solutions provide infrastructure and applications hosting. Your data are hosted offsite in a highly secure data centre and software and infrastructure are delivered on demand across the internet. Our high performance virtual servers are monitored 24 hours a day by qualified engineers and designed for the highest availability. The three main reasons for opting for the Cloud are:

Increase in business flexibility
As costs are predictable and resources dynamically scalable you are saved the time and trouble of guessing the IT costs of organisational development and can respond quickly to change in organisation size, output and activity. Essentially, you have more time to focus on core business activities. Flexible and remote working is also vastly improved with faster and consistent access and you have the greater flexibility to increase or decrease your processing power as your business demands.

Reduction in costs
Hardware and maintenance costs are reduced; there is also no need for significant up-front capital expenditure, instead you get a monthly fee. And, since you only pay for what you use, you avoid the cost of running on-premises hardware that may only be using a small portion of its capacity.

Improvement in level of service
Service levels are at 99.9% uptime of network and our virtual servers accommodate surges in traffic during periods of high demand with no change to service level. Deployment is easy and there is virtually no down time for internal hardware maintenance. Upgrades are also automatic and your network, as well as its security, is simplified and more robust.

However, depending on the complexities of your business and the software that you use we may recommend you use a combination of hosted and on-premises solutions; this would be established following the completion of a comprehensive technical audit of your current system.

Coubari introduced a new IT infrastructure to the business and the impact has been such that I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have benefited from their attention to detail and knowledge of the complexities of our industry.
Chief Financial Officer,
Construction services client