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Network and Infrastructure

Robust and intelligent infrastructure design is core to any business activity using IT. Server and network infrastructure is the technology that runs your email, hosts your critical data, protects your systems from viruses and other malicious attacks, and enables your employees to work together and access key data remotely.

It is an area in which you cannot afford to make mistakes and it determines your ability to respond and keep up with demands on and from your business. Whether you require infrastructure to be set up completely from scratch or the capacity of your existing network to be expanded, we deliver a cost-effective, robust and powerful platform which ensures you have the tools needed to respond to change and grow your business. The components of your infrastructure, whether it is Exchange, SQL or SharePoint will include either or both Coubari Cloud and On-premises solutions.

Coubari has provided our practice with an excellent Cloud based platform enabling us to work remotely and securely. From the start Coubari ensured a smooth transition of our data to the Cloud and has provided assistance and support whenever needed and without delay.
Chartered Accountants