Disaster recovery

‘Coubari introduced a new IT infrastructure to the business and the impact has been such that I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have benefited from their attention to detail and knowledge of the complexities of our industry.’
Chief Financial Officer,
Construction services client

At Coubari, we are experts in IT disaster recovery planning and implementation. We can formulate contingency plans and implement solutions from a live mirror image of your system stored offsite to online backup as part of a hosted solution.

Traditional manual secure off-site tape backup storage is not without its merits, but it does rely hugely on an error-free physical world and data recovery in case of disaster can take days.  A live mirror image of your servers, stored offsite can mean the recovery of data within hours.  You can, however, further protect your business from the spiralling operational costs incurred in downtime and loss of mission-critical data by opting for our online backup solution which can allow you to restore a device and recover your data in minutes.