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About Us

Coubari is a London based boutique managed IT services provider with clients across the UK and internationally. We provide bespoke business technology services and solutions to a wealth of diverse clients.

Our team of highly experienced engineers transform organisations with the power of technology and they do this with a business head and an IT heart.

We work closely with our clients on both the strategic and technical aspects of IT planning to ensure business keeps up with demand and fully exploits new and increasing opportunities within the marketplace. Through reliability and unrivalled expertise, we build and maintain a strong technology backbone for clients to ensure optimal business operations.

We believe your IT system should be a victim of its own success. It should be so reliable, efficient and cost-effective that it drives usage and productivity necessitating upscaling. We know we’ve succeeded when a superior solution we have developed needs to respond to greater demand and data consumption, because this means it’s really working for you.

Our management team is exceptionally hands-on in all areas of the business; from client liaison to service delivery. Importantly, Coubari doesn’t seek just to provide a service, we build a relationship. Conversations about business direction and bouncing ideas between us and the client and between us and our suppliers are the impetus for some of our most innovative work which we know is what makes us truly successful.

Coubari means hummingbird, a small but essential component in a complex ecosystem; just as IT is in business.