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Quality Policy

Our mission is to To deliver technology driving growth and innovation in our clients’ businesses and ours.

Our Core Values

  • Performance
  • Commitment
  • Personal Integrity
  • Improvement and Innovation
  • Suitability of Advice

The Ten Promises We Make to Clients

  1. Our technological knowledge is high
  2. We have a thorough working knowledge of the latest solutions
  3. We understand your business and we give suitable advice
  4. We communicate well
  5. We’re transparent and we report accurately and on time
  6. We identify excellent suppliers at a reasonable cost
  7. We take a proactive approach and escalation is quick and effective
  8. We take a methodical approach to our work
  9. The people we employ are knowledgeable, approachable and professional
  10. We provide consistent support and continuity of service delivery

Our Six Quality Objectives by Which We Meet our Promises and Maintain our Core Values

  1. Identify customer-focused talented people and nurture them through training and education.
  2. Create a committed leadership culture that inspires our people and takes a quality approach to systems management and statutory compliance.
  3. Maintain and improve standards of quality IT infrastructure design and support to strengthen our clients’ business.
  4. Strengthen our supplier base to deliver quality, traceable products and services.
  5. Have an excellent reputation for knowledge, service delivery and ease of collaboration.
  6. Follow a ‘Quality Start-to-Finish’ framework to continually improve the Quality Management System and achieve our quality objectives.

This Quality Policy is available via and is communicated to new suppliers and partners as well as via internal training programmes to new and existing staff
Derrick Madir
Derrick Madir
Managing Director, Coubari Ltd
7th October 2020