Firewall & security

‘Coubari introduced a new IT infrastructure to the business and the impact has been such that I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have benefited from their attention to detail and knowledge of the complexities of our industry.’
Chief Financial Officer,
Construction services client

Security of our clients’ email and data is paramount. This is why we utilise state-of-the-art Cisco firewalls to protect electronic content.

Our clients can feel safe that they have the best-in-class firewall protecting their critical data. However, our security measures don’t stop there; we ensure our clients have automated up-to-date antivirus and web filtering solutions coupled with strong file access and security permissions to protect against malicious software, viruses and unauthorised access. Coubari’s breadth of knowledge and experience in this area is kept up-to-date with regular firewall security training to ensure our engineers know how to keep our clients’ systems safe.