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Demolition industry


The client is a specialist engineering contractor, delivering prominent engineering projects to its clients. The company has around one thousand full-time employees and agency staff across its permanent UK offices, with a number of project sites predominantly located within the South East.

In 2010, Coubari was chosen to modernise the client’s IT service provision in preparation for its planned expansion. As part of client’s ongoing IT Infrastructure improvement, Coubari was again selected to upgrade the business’s IT infrastructure to a hybrid Cloud and on-premises solution, delivering the client’s goals of improved resilience, performance, security, and accessibility to its predominantly mobile workforce.


As the primary contractor, Coubari designed and, over a six-month period, implemented the IT hybrid upgrade solution, successfully meeting the client’s expectations for the project.


To build on its solid IT Infrastructure platform, the client decided that a hybrid IT service solution that leveraged Microsoft’s cloud services to provide resilient key services to site locations was critical. Improvements to its IT services, to allow the business to remain at the forefront of IT within the sector, needed to be delivered on schedule and without disruption to its business including mobile and onsite project teams. The new system needed to be faster, more reliable, simple to use and highly cost effective.

Against a wider backdrop of ever-evolving security threats, the business required significant security enhancements to ensure data integrity and assured system availability. This included extending the security perimeter to include remote users, whilst the system design ensured performance remained at appropriate levels.

To meet the performance requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery, taking into account an annual data growth rate of 50% and a stringent SLA regime, core IT services for business continuity required a complete redesign.


  • Security improvements to the IT Infrastructure, implemented as part of the project upgrade, were tested and approved by specialist third-party security consultants.
  • Coubari’s approach to the management and implementation of the IT upgrade project ensured that employees enjoyed uninterrupted service and access to IT systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The transition approach ensured a seamless handover.
  • Improved availability of IT systems due to increased use of Cloud services has reduced the impact that on-premises IT disruptions would typically have on the workforce.


  • The introduction of an enhanced mobile device management system has delivered demonstrable improvements in compliance, reporting and security to the business.
  • Integrating workflows of the client’s cloud-based time and attendance system into the Office 365 content management system has enabled the management team to make data-driven operational, commercial and safety decisions.