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Why Choose Us

‘Coubari understands our business well, are proactive and make sensible and workable recommendations. They have introduced systems that have helped us immeasurably; they are quick to respond and are always thorough.’
Managing Director,
Manufacturing services client

At Coubari, we combine our extensive experience from providing a range of IT solutions to a wealth of different client types with our position at the cutting edge of new technologies, to provide you with a unique service.

At Coubari, we know that IT provision must be aligned with business goals and processes, to maximise efficiencies and both encourage and enable growth. We work closely with our clients on both the strategic and technical aspects of IT planning to ensure their business keeps up with demand and fully exploits new and increasing opportunities within the marketplace.

Coubari also knows it’s not just the high-level business goals and strategy alignment that is critical to a superior IT support offering, but the passion for dealing with user queries on a daily basis enthusiastically, quickly and efficiently.  Coubari’s clients know that their IT support isn’t just simply outsourced and managed; it is fully looked after and cared for.